Author: Maria Amabile
Title: Salt The Savour Of My Life

Author: Philip Burke
Title: A Salty Lesson In Love And Romance

Author: Nancy Caronia
Title: Mother’s Love

Author: Davide Cavanna
Title: Salt White

Author: Joshua Cohen
Title: An Account of the Saltscape, in Three Parts

Author: Laylage Courie
Title: Sea Change

Author: Enrica Dalmeri
Title: The Salt Box

Author: Cecilia DiTaranto
Title: Salt Reflections

Author: Laura Gaetano
Title: Sea Fairies

Author: Francesca Garenna
Title: Sale nel Sale

Author: Michael Greenhut
Title: The Unfortunate Salt Incident Report

Author: Natascha Hildebrandt
Title: The Love Of Salt

Author: Maria Miscella
Title: How Salt Saved a Family From Hunger

Author: Marta Mondelli
Title: Lemons and Salt

Author: Christine Recchia
Title: Too Much To Bear

Author: Roberto Rovida
Title: A Pinch Of Salt

Author: Anna Lisa Scatena
Title: The Salt Road

Author: Paula Timpson
Title: Frederika’s Painting

Author: Tom Warren
Title: My Daily Salt

Author: Virginia Zaffuto
Title: The Salty Undercurrent

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