Salt connect man as cosmic radio receiver! When we are nourished with the healthy balance of trace minerals found in sea salt we have the potential to act as a powerful receiver of energy more

"Jim Russo, commercial fisherman, researcher and visionary offers his perspective and technical understanding of salt and how it relates to our lives. "

Dear Ms. Werner,

Here is the paper I spoke of in our conversation connecting the importance of salt, radio and Universal Energy. I am also working on a full manuscript titled Capture Effect that gives a more complete look at the theory I have developed over the last several years regarding salt, radio and the ocean.

Seeing the work you have done with salt on such an extraordinary level has been a true inspiration to me. Although I have worked all my life in the most dangerous occupation on earth, commercial fishing, I now find the most difficult thing I have done as a man is to truly believe that my theories about salt have higher purpose, deep meaning and significance. If the true test in life is what one is willing to give for what they believe in, then I can truly say I have risked everything for this belief I have about the importance of salt in our lives and throughout history.

I am now ready to make my place in the world with the understanding that I have been gifted through my close and profound connection with art, science and nature. If there is one thing I would ask for, it would be to have the ability to maintain my freedom and the integrity of my work as I enter the world of business and IP lawyers, editors, agents, and as you so adeptly describe - the "commercial thinkers." I have a profound sense that this is the most important aspect that I need to maintain in order for my work to move forward and be shared with others.

I am asking that you look over my paper, "Less Is More: The Art of Deduction" and determine for yourself if my work is aligned with your mission and of the caliber that deserves the supporl of your Foundation and the vast network of connections you have access to as a world renown artist.

It is easy to see that The Queen of Salt will have her rightful place in history as a woman that was attuned when few were.

I look forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

Jim Russo 


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