The Salt Queen Foundation, Southampton, NY
July - September 2004 by appointment only
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 17th, 2004

Blossoming of Innovative Techniques and Extraordinary Media

Newly formed, The Salt Queen Foundation is the first non-profit educational institution created by a young living artist, for the purpose of exhibiting and promoting the work of contemporary artists who are committed to working with unusual materials in distinctive and individual ways. For its inaugural exhibition The Salt Queen Foundation presents the work of four artists each with a powerful singular vision, running from the 1st of July through September 2004 in the beautiful Water Mill Studio of founding artist Bettina Werner.

Located in a restored classic Long Island potato barn, with skylit exhibition space, the inaugural show is a burst of vibrant colors and creativity, an investigation of pinks and greens. Combining sublime, imperturbable and austerely minimalist works by Thompson and Werner in the main space, with a mountain of pink plastic objects and a green "lawn" of plastic objects by Munson. Paine's work is represented by a piece from the "Art Making Machines" series that is in The Salt Queen Foundation Collection.

The show gathers the works of Portia Munson, Roxy Paine, Bill Thompson, and Bettina Werner. These Four East Coast visionaries share a commitment of focus on the invention of unique works in unconventional media realized through each artist's own artistic language and technique:

"Portia Munson, a resourceful harvester of plastic, reorganizes varied objects of the industrialized world with the unifying theme of a single color.

Roxy Paine, invented an ingenious device an "Art-making machine" that automatically produces a jet-splash of color, which solidifies into a monochrome, informal sculpture.

Bill Thompson, using automobile paint, works on the minimal alteration of concave-convex surfaces utilizing extrovert-introvert dichotomy: his colors stabilize the body of the work with a high-tech look - pearly, chromatically impeccable and texturally tempting.

Bettina Werner constructs on a foundation of salt her entire conceptual and physical kingdom of sophisticated monochromes and saline sculptures composed of varied grain, color, and dimension that allude to oceanic wisdom, robust intelligence, and to the principles of minimalism."


The mid-summer show is introduced with an essay by Italian art historian Miriam Mirolla, author of "Arte del Novecento 1945-2001" and is accompanied by an online gallery with a profile for each artist at

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The Salt Queen Foundation is a non profit educational institution, tax exempt under Section 501 (c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code

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