Presents for the second year
July-August 2005 in The Hamptons, New York, USA-
Organized by Antonio Lai

Monday, July 4. Participation at 9:00am in the INDEPENDENCE DAY PARADE in Southampton Village under the banner EUROPA-ITALIA-STATI UNITI D’AMERICA.
Pamela Hebert, an artist of SHEAF 2005 is slated to sing again, for the second year, the National Anthem. Pamela, an American soprano from Hollywood, CA, and former student of Maria Callas at the master class at the Juilliard School in Manhattan, lives now in Venice and in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy. Pamela sang in 2004 under a torrential rain storm. Fifteen thousand people are expected and the parade is covered by televisions and radios, both locally and internationally.

Friday, July 8 at 6:15pm. Lecture by Eric Ernst on the occasion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition of the work of his grand-father Max Ernst. It will be delivered at THE SOUTHAMPTON CULTURE CENTER. Eric, a sculptor and painter, lives in the Southampton area. He will talk about his grand-father, his father and himself and of the entire family extended between two continents: Europe and the USA. The Max Ernst Museum has just now recently opened in the Cologne area, in Germany.
Wed, July 13, at 5:30pm at THE SOUTHAMPTON CULTURE CENTER. Lecture by Eric Kruh on the making of Thomas Mann’s Doctor Faustus. Professor Kruh who was born in Vienna, Austria, and has been teaching comparative literature for 40 years at Southampton College and other American Universities, met Thomas Mann in Chicago, just after the war. Professor Kruh will speak on Thomas Mann and the controversial relationship with Schoenberg in the Hollywood of the 40’s.
This year mark the 50th anniversary of Thomas Mann’s death.

Thursday, July 14 at 5:00pm BASTILLE DAY at THE SOUTHAMPTON HISTORICAL MUSEUM. Liliane Questel, a Fench citizen born in Haiti and a well-noted pianist and organizer of a series of piano concerts in the village of Southampton, will read in French, of course, a selection of international authors like Giacomo Casanova, Carlo Goldoni, Rainer Maria Rilke, Julien Green, Vladimir Nabokov and Samuel Beckett, and others who wrote in French.

Thursday, August 4, at 7:00pm.  Piano Concert  of Max Lifchitz in CLASSICI  MODERNI COMPOSITORI EUROPEI: CLAUDE DEBUSSY-MAURICE RAVEL- ARNOLD SCHOENBERG- IGOR STRAVINSKI  at The Southampton Culture Center.

The versatile Max Lifchitz is a dramatic figure in America’s musical life. Born in Mexico City in 1948, he has resided in the USA since 1966. A graduate of The Juilliard School and Harvard University, his activities as composer and performer and conductor have established him as a true musical citizien in the world. Max was awarded first prize in the 1976 International Gaudeaumus Competition of Twentieth Century Music held in Holland. Robert Commandy, writing for The San Francisco Chronical, described Max as “a young composer of brilliant imagination and a stunning, ultra-sensitive pianist.” The New York Times music critic Allan Kozinn praised Mr Lifchitz for his “clean, measured and sensitive performances.” Donal Henahan, also writing for The New York Times, stated, “Mr Lifchitz, who is the enterprising director of North/South Consonance, is also an ambidextrous conductor of complex music. His own piece required him to beat intricate polyrhythms- not only fairly simple patterns like 4 with one hand against 3 with the other, but also such metrical puzzles as 3 against 11 or 5 against 13.” Max’s CD album devoted to the piano music of Mexico elicitd the following comment from Fanfare Magazine.” After several listening, North/South Recordings No.1010 is recommended to more than just a specialist audience because of the wide variety of attractive and challenging music that it contains.”

Friday, August 5 at 6:00pm Lecture by Charles Matz on a German fantasy of Venice in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice and the version of Luchino Visconti film called Morte a Venezia. Matz, an American author and poet, who lives now in the Southampton Village, lived for 18 years in Italy, five of them in Venice, next door to Peggy Guggenheim and to Ezra Pound, with whom he was a friend. Charles was with Luchino Visconti at the Lido in Venice during the filming. Charles, although born in NYC, is a descendent of a very distinguished German family: the great poet, Joseph Benedict von Eichendorff. Charles writes in Italian, French, English, and sometimes in German.

Saturday, August 6 at 8:OOpm Contemporary Electronic Circus Music. Visitors to the Salt Queen Foundation in Water Mill, at 9 Schwenk Road, will delight to the cutting edge sound of English music by David Ryder and Austrian songs written by Thomas Dezsy/Zoon Electronic Wien Music Theater as a DV/DJ Celeste Hastings from the underground world of Manhattan will manipulate and re-digitalized the music/sound environment with live multi-lingual vocal by soprano Pamela Hebert, former student of Maria Callas in a concert based on a work based Charles Matz’s Jux mit Fuchs, an animal fable, or “Renard-the-Fox: homage to Charlemagne.” The vixen mask for Pamela Hebert 
was created by Margaret Spencer Matz, an architect from Manhattan.

The show is directed and produced by Antonio Lai da Teulada for THE CAM ART Co.
The Salt Queen Founation is the first non-for-profit foundation created by a living Italian woman artist, Bettina Werner. Established in New York, The salt Queen Foundation is a 501 [c] 3 nonprofit educational institution dedicated to support, conserve and protect works of art created with the texture colorized salt technique invented in the early 1980s by Bettina Werner. The Foundation also encourages and promotes the profound and often unquantifiable values utilized by artists like Celeste Hastings, David Ryder and Thomas Dezsy who are working with innovative techniques and extraordinary media, celebrating freedom of imagination, wisdom, knowledge and expression both in the USA and in Europe.

Thursday, August 11 at 7:00pm Piano Concert at The Southampton Culture Center by Max Lifchitz. LA VIVACE MUSICA:DOPO IL MODERNO/ITALIAN MUSIC TODAY. Compositions by Alessandra Ciccaglione, Ivan Fedele, Ada Gentile, Michele Dall’Ongaro, Massimo Lauricella, Luca Lombardi, Giacinto Scelsi.

Max Lifchitz went to Italy in 1968 and lived there for years. Matz studied with Bruno Maderna in New York, and was a friend of Luciano Berio. Maz knew extremely well Giacinto Scelsi, the most extravagant composer of our times.
On October 13, 2005 Max will be performing in Rome at a Festival called I NUOVI SPAZI MUSICALI.

Friday, August 12, at 6:45pm at Tino&Ruth Nivola Garden, 410 Old Stone Highway in Springs/East Hampton,NY-USA.
FRAGMENTS OF ANCIENT GREEK THEATER WITH  POST-MODERN BUTOH TRAINED DANCERS from Aeschylus’s Agamennon in Modern American-English adapted by Charles Matz.
The final dramatic moment will be delivered in Ancient Greek by Pamela Hebert, a soprano and actress, former student of Maria Callas. Pamela made her debut in in NYC, under the musical direction of Bruno Maderna, as Donna Anna in Mozart’s Don Giovanni.

The choreographer/sound and Butoh costume designer is Celeste Hastings, independent artist and director of the satirical group The Butoh Rockettes and contributing artist to Anemone Dance Theater. The dancers will be Celeste Hastings, Sara Baird, co-founder of Anemone Dance-Theater, Christine Coleman and Evelyna Dann.
The actors are Darynn Zimmer[Cassandra], Robert Florio [Agamennon] with Charles Matz who will be taking the Chorus of The Old Men.
Fragments of Ancient Greek Theater is directed and produced by Antonio Lai da Teulada for the CAM Art Co.

Please note:
The next event organized by Europa-Italia-Stati Uniti d’America will be at 8:00pm on Friday, November 4, 2005 in Venice, Italy, at The Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari.  It will be a concert of sacred music for two organs and soprano. The organs used are a Gaetano Callido [1795] and a Vincenzo Mascioni[1928]. It will be music by G. Caccini, G. Gabrieli, A. Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, N.Moretti, G. Verdi and D.W. Koontz. Margherita Gianola is the organist and Pamela Hebert is the soprano. Europa-Italia-Stati Uniti d’America is proud to present two contemporary songs written by Charles Matz and composed by a local Hamptons composer, Daniel D. Koontz.  
The two new songs are commissioned by Antonio Lai. The concert is also sponsored by Antonio Lai da Teulada for THE CAM ART Co.


For further information please contact:
Europa-Italia-Stati Uniti d’America
Antonio Lai
10, Oak Street
Southampton, NY11968 -USA
Tel/Fax: 631-287-27-57; e-mail:FAVILLE@AOL.COM

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