Manhattan by 2011... And it is happening... Right now...

"In Total, more than $30 billion will be invested in more than one square mile -the single biggest concentration of construction activity in New York's history- to make Lower Manhattan the first 21st century Downtown." read more

Michael R. Bloomberg,
Mayor City of New York

"so we didn't retrieve. We did just the opposite.
We channeled our optimism into a commitment to make our
city greater than it was before"
read more

Daniel L.Doctoroff,
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding

  Music credit: Simone Lo Porto, Winner "In The Name of Salt"

"It is as though 3000 souls called upon the artists to marshal their creative forces to rebuild the neighborhood with a new strength. It's a fertile, blessed, and blossoming area...

I'm in love with Manhattan and with my new loft, facing the NY Stock exchange, in the newly renovated Philippe Starck Building ...

I'm thrilled to be a New Yorker and part of this community full of energy and vitality.

Lower Manhattan is the most stirring, rousing and inspiring place to live right now...
a true Liveliness and forcefulness on Wall Street!"

Bettina Werner
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