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"I first met Bettina Werner in New York after missing her exhibition in Rome and Ravello. Years later people were still talk about her astonishing 'Salt Sculpture-Bed". She was working in her downtown loft in TriBeCa and I will never forget "Werisbetty", a unique table filled with different salt textures painted in bright yellow or the 'Salt Backgammon Sculpture" and the positive and determined 5 foot 10 inch "Salt Woman". I was moved by the positive thinking and deep poetic words with which she accompanies all her work, especially the one inspired by her beloved Dalmatian dog Tibino. Bettina is a force of nature, instinctive and brilliant artist, not afraid of reinventing herself. I'm proud to watch The Salt Queen Foundation grow, as the artist herself!
Her new loft in the reborn Ground Zero neighborhood, is full of hope and great expectations, with a new strength."

Marina Pignatelli, New York, May 9 2007

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