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10 Rose Pedals To Love Bettina Werner's
Salt Crystal Artworks

Ms. Werner’s Art collectors have said:
“To buy one of Bettina Werner’s striking salt painting is a
unique gift of taste and distinction you finally do for yourself!”
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Bettina Werner © 2012
1) History has taught us the most successful artists are those that have a recognizable medium that one can spot from far away – a language of art. Bettina Werner has truly created an entire unique language with her textured salt technique translating to all who encounter her works around the globe. It is unmistakably and synonymously profound.

2) Art collectors truly fall in love with Ms. Werner’s artwork and connect to the depth of the colors created with the Salt, but also wake up to the uniqueness and investment in their own homes everyday. Since it is an insulated market, Art tends to be more stable compared to other investments.

3) What mutual fund do you know looks beautiful on a wall and that you can insure just in case something happens to it? Art allows you to invest in not only a smart “stock”, but also provides long lasting enjoyment as an investment.

4) "Salt belongs to the sphere of divine and stands far above human” Homer.
How can one argue with one of the most profound philosophers?

5) As Bettina Werner’s invented new art medium, Salt brings good luck and wards off negative energy according to ancient beliefs.
Around the world and throughout history, salt has been cherished both as a healer, preserver and vital symbol of life and blood.
6) Bettina Werner, internationally acclaimed artist, has been extensively exhibited around the world including: the Whitney Museum, Chase Manhattan Bank, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, The Detroit Institute of Art, Portofino Museum, Italy, Triennale Museum in Milan, Las Vegas Art Museum, the collection of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel, the collection of Martin Margulies of Miami and the collection of Nicos Vernicos of Athens, Greece.

7) Salt is symbolic of prosperity. The derivative of the word “salary” and was used as currency in ancient Rome.

8) Salt is also used as an astringent and to cleanse – the art of unblocking vital energy. It is said by many of Ms. Werner’s collectors that the space feels more sterile and purified after adding the artwork.

9) When you invest in Bettina Werner’s artwork, you invest in something tangible as opposed to the stock market where you could potentially end up with nothing. Artwork will hold its value for a long period of time if chosen correctly – and in Bettina Werner’s artworks – it’s a wonderful investment.

10) Bettina Werner, the Salt Queen, has not only cultivated a new technique to the art world with her colorized Salt artworks, but an entire kingdom dedicated to this fifth element, * The Salt Queen Foundation, a sanctuary dedicated to preserving her art work - the Art will live long after one created it.
*NOTE: "The Salt Queen Foundation", is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution, its goals include the celebration
of artists whose free imagination is uniquely expressed through the use of innovative techniques and unusual materials.

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