All pictures courtesy of Chris Lee/One Night for India. For a copy, email

Bettina Werner in front of the painting CUM GRANO SALIS

Samridhi Mehra along with her husband Pawan Mehra

Edwin Bayrd UCLA and Bettina Werner in front of SALT LILLA CONSTRUCTION

Wiltern Theater

Bettina Werner's Artwork Edifici del colore da abitare

Nitin Sawhney

Karsh Kale

Kimberley Locke

Marla Maples

Matt Maley & Steve Day with band members

Satnam on tablas

Steve Day

Tina Sugandh

Tina with band member

Tina on tablas

Bettina Werner, artist

Lili Haydn

Lili on stage

David Gere

Tina Sugandh band member

Matt Maley, Counting Crows

Matt on stage

Reggie Benjamin's band members


Dancers from Taal Dance Company

Dancers from Taal Dance Company

Tina Sugandh

Tina Sugandh

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