Liveliness sparkle on Wall Street :

Astonishing evening at the loft of Milanese born and New York adopted international artist
Bettina Werner

"I always welcome new people to join the immense network of friends attending my private home , I like to open my loft to blend art & life together: a gathering of successful people from different backgrounds and interests," said Werner. "Salt is knowledge and also has ionic energies that are good for the soul; they can dine at the salt-sculpture table, run their hands through the crystals and feel the "salt of the earth"! They will be surrounded by salt candles, salt artworks, salt music and positive energy."

 ‘Sweet and Salty’

New York, NY - On the evening of Thursday, April 5th Michael D Ellenbogen, President, Jack of Hearts Productions, a new media and event company, will organize and co-host a VIP dinner party extravaganza with Tam St. Armand, Peter Fields, and Thomas J Livaccari, founders of the Global Advisory Board at the loft/studio of Milanese born and New York adopted international artist Bettina Werner, “The Salt Queen”.
Ballato’s old world Napolitan style restaurant hidden away on Houston St. will create delicious appetizer and entrée courses. Kathy Moskal of vere will create a magnificent, custom designed, chocolate parade for dessert.

The setting for this extravaganza is Bettina Werner’s 21st Floor loft overlooking the New York Stock Exchange in the newly opened “Downtown By Starck” building designed by world reknowned designer Philippe Starck. It sits on the corner of Wall St. and Broad St., in the heart of the Wall Street Historic District, added March 5th to the Fed’s National Register of Historic Places.

During the Aperitif with Champagne Ruinart, Bettina Werner will introduce to the new guests her unique salt artwork collection, talk about her art, her chosen materials, and her mission as an artist and as founder of the non-profit organization called The Salt Queen Foundation. This will be followed by a sit-down Italian dinner where diners will be seated around Bettina Werner’s latest functional work of art… the Salt Sculpture-Table in the artist’s loft.

Following dinner guests will enjoy Chopin martinis served to accompany a custom prepared signature chocolate presented by vere founder and chocolatier Kathy Moskal. Guests may entertain themselves in conversation, tasting, or challenge one another to a game of backgammon on one of Werner’s famous Salt Backgammon-Sculpture board. (images here)

Guest who will gather are world class business associates, financiers, adventurers, art collectors, entrepreneurs, and charitable individuals. The objective of the Global Advisory Board (GAB) is to cherry-pick guests who are looking to enhance their personal and business relationships. “Everyone who comes is developing something new, following a passion, and working smart to succeed,” says Tam St. Armand, one of three leading executives who formed the GAB. “It is also true that everyone who comes is in a position to be very, and I emphasize ‘very’, helpful to others in their efforts; they all have great strengths, are very intelligent, and have tremendous networks.”

Ellenbogen went off the beaten path when St. Armand approached him to suggest a restaurant where the dinner could be host. Having just paid a visit to the loft of Bettina Werner that day he suggested something new, unexpected; “give them unique, stimulating, quiet, secure, and creative,” mused Ellenbogen. The inspiration to meet Werner had opened up when Werner learned of Ellenbogen’s chocolate initiative that is providing opportunities for people to connect with the finest chocolates. Bettina Werner, The Queen of Salt, thought it would be a perfect chance to provide something 'sweet and salty'...

Michael D Ellenbogen – President, Jack of Hearts Productions: In the “age of wow” there is an ever-increasing interest in unique experiential environments created as a place for people to gather, exchange ideas, share experiences, absorb new culture, and enjoy the finer things in life. Michael D Ellenbogen is making it his mission to be a provider of these experiences through his new media and event company Jack of Hearts Productions. For many years Michael has provided services and independent producing savvy to the film industry where he continues now to focus on producing of motion pictures.
Photo credit by: Nicholas Pierre
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