Bettina Werner

Bettina Werner, "The Queen of Salt" is an internationally acclaimed artist. Born in Milan, Italy in 1965. Now residing in lower Manhattan. The Title "Queen of Salt" refers to her pioneering and revolutionary use of salt in art creating paintings, sculptures and installations with her invention of textured colorized salt technique, developed in the early 1980's.

She was the first artist to exclusively utilize salt as an artistic medium. She celebrated her 25th anniversary of her creative Art journey with a Retrospective at 7 WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York City. View the spectacular slideshow of the Art Exhibition here:

When Bettina Werner first started to paint she wanted to find a unique, particular material that would be her signature tool for artistic expression-- something that would bring to her work its own inherent qualities of history, culture and symbolic meaning while at the same time be beautifully unique. While studying at the prestigious Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan, Ms.Werner found salt to be just the element she was looking for.

A wonderfully textural, transparent, crystal that represents so much history, value and philosophic meaning, while keeping the power of the immense force of the sea - Ms.Werner became intrigued by the value of salt throughout ancient history. Discovering salt to be her own treasure, Bettina Werner began studying combinations of textures and colors with salt crystals to maximize different results creating a unique signature of artistic language.

Her success in revering salt in vibrant colors led Bettina Werner to the U.S. in 1989. One year later she started showing her artwork with Marisa Del Re Gallery in the Fuller Building, located on 57th Street and Madison Avenue in Manhattan.

In New York in 2002, she founded "The Salt Queen Foundation",a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution, its goals include the celebration of artists whose free imagination is uniquely expressed through the use of innovative techniques and unusual materials.

Bettina Werner's artwork are exhibited in Museums, galleries and public spaces extensively throughout Europe, Russia and the United States, including: the Whitney Museum, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the Detroit Institute of Art, Portofino Museum, Italy, Triennale Museum in Milan, Las Vegas Art Museum, Chase Manhattan Bank, the collection of Herbert and Dorothy Vogel , the collection of Martin Margulies of Miami and Nicos Vernicos of Athens, Greece.

Reviews and features on her work have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Vogue, Art in America, Elle, Architectural Digest,The Chicago Tribune,The Miami Herald, ArtNews, Elle Decor, GQ, Flash Art, Hamptons Magazine, New York Post,'Espresso, Il Corriere della Sera, and many more publications.

Bettina Werner has been featured in art textbooks throughout Europe such as "Arte del Novecento by Miriam Mirolla and Guido Zucconi, through the prestigious Italian publishing house Mondadori Universita' 2002 and "Arte Moderna", by Giulio Carlo Argan, an art textbook used throughout Italy's Schools.

She is now a driving force in the Financial District of New York City with her radiant unique artworks. Her loft faces the New York Stock Exchange, in the newly renovated Philippe Starck Building

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Palace of The Salt Queen


THE SALT QUEEN FOUNDATION, founded in New York City.

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