The First Hamptons Salt-of-the-Earth Backgammon Tournament

Date: Saturday,September 7, 2002
Time: 7.30pm
Where: Southampton, New York
Entrance Fee: $100 for player- $35 for spectators
Prize: Salt Crystal Backgammon-Sculpture Board worth $4,000

A celebration of life with the strength of art to help heal the world to benefit Un Cuore un Mondo Association.

     International artist Bettina Werner is hosting what will be the first artistic tournament at the Artist’s Studio in her newly-renovated historic Hamptons potato barn. (see Hamptons Magazine, June21-June27, 2002 issue). Werner’s work in salt crystal, recognized and selected from prestigious collections in the U.S. and Europe, are representative of her twenty years’ affection for the “fifth element” and its historical, philosophical and timeless presence on earth. A preserver, healer, symbol of incorruptibility and undeniable necessity of life, salt and all its qualities are revered and exposed in Werner’s diverse body of works, taking the form of paintings, sculptures and functional pieces of art, such as her salt table, salt bed and backgammon boards structures created out of Plexiglas and textured salt.

     The rounds of games will be played on her Salt Sculpture-Table (“A visually seductive work...” The New York Times, 10/1996), playing on and competing for a work of art. The final game will be performed on a master work - a gigantic salt sculpture-backgammon board with huge dice. The artist will reward the tournament Champion with her own signature backgammon set, designed and created with salt crystals, the artists’s famed medium. The unique salt backgammon board is worth $4,000.

     All proceeds go to support Un Cuore un Mondo Association, with a registration fee of $100 for players and $35 for spectators.Players will register at the event. Please RSVP to Laila Jabban Tel.631-726-4676 or e-mail Un Cuore un Mondo Association, is connected to OPA, Ospedale Pediatrico Apuano, specialized on heart diseases. The Association brings children from undeveloped countries to OPA, helps them during their
stay, until their return home.

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