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April 9, 2010    




Curated by The Salt Queen Foundation in collaboration with Eiman Aziz, Art Beyond Advisory, LLC 

Exhibition dates: May 20th, 2010 thru June 30th, 2010 
7 WORLD TRADE CENTER, New York City    

New York, New York – The exhibition titled “SALT RISES ABOVE THE SKY  - 25 Years of unique SALT artworks by internationally acclaimed artist BETTINA WERNER, aka The Salt Queen ” will be held in the breathtaking 49th floor of 7 World Trade Center overlooking the most spectacular panorama of New York City. . The exhibition will open with an exclusive private VIP reception and will run from May 20th through June 30th. 

Best known for her pioneering work in creating the texturized, colorized salt technique invented in the early 80’s,  Ms. Werner began her studies in Milan, Italy at the prestigious Brera Accademy of Fine Art and is now a driving force in the Financial District with her radiant unique artwork. Ms. Werner’s striking paintings created with Salt crystals have been recognized and selected by prestigious art collections in the U.S and Europe and exhibited extensively in the Whitney Museum, Pushkin Museum in Moscow, Portofino Museum Italy, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Triennale  Museum in Milan, The Chase Manhattan Bank and in the collection of Herbert and  Dorothy Vogel. 

Unveiling for the first time Ms. Werner's tribute "Preserving with Salt the Eternal Light of their Souls", a homage to The World Trade Center Victims who lost their lives in the September 11 terrorist attack. Other featured artworks will include her innovative, new Chakra Art Collection  inspired by spiritual enlightenment, the “Never Mind” series, which is meant  as a reminder that sometimes we just need to “let go", the 102 Dalmatians art  collection, a tribute to her beloved Dalmatian, "Tibino", as well as the,  "Kiss Collection" which was created for an Italian charity auction and  featured along side many international artists and celebrities giving their  version of a "Kiss" such as Cher, Tina Turner, Catherine Deneuve, Kim Basinger, and Claudia Schiffer, to name a few.  Also exhibited are the red and  white "X painting" inspired by the visions of the fourth century A.D. Roman Emperor Constantine, as well as the "Ladybug  Collection", meant to bring good luck.  For your gambling inspiration, The Salt Sculpture-Dice usually seen in outdoor landscapes will be exhibited, as well as her "I Swear Love" painting expressing passion in its most profound form.
When ask, ‘Why Salt?’, Ms. Werner states, "Homer says, 'Salt belongs to the sphere of divine and stands far above human.' I truly believe salt is the fifth element due to its importance in life and essence of cleansing, healing, and purifying.  Salt is a basic human necessity, our bodies cannot function without it.  It was a form of currency, a derivative of the word ‘salary.’ When I began incorporating salt into my paintings I found magic occurring in each single crystal, and it seemed to pronounce their essence exponentially. I adopt the minimalist philosophy of "less is more" and when experiencing the art one is able to fully appreciate texture and color at its height. I capture the soul of this mystical element to share, and as I allow my eyes to trace the natural movement I get lost in its beauty and power." 

Reviews and features have appeared in The New York Times, in The Wall Street  Journal, Vogue, Art in America, Elle, Architectural Digest, The Chicago  Tribune, the Miami Herald, Art News, Elle Decor, GQ, Flash Art, The New York  Post, L'Espresso, Il Corriere della Sera, and many more publications. For further press refer to: 

"Bettina Werner is now in her 25th years of developing a new  'currency' for art – SALT - a currency itself that in history was traded as a financial commodity and even known to be more precious than Gold. The astounding view of 7 World Trade Center rises above The New York Stock Exchange,The Brooklyn Bridge,The Chrysler Building, The Empire State Building, and above all New York City, a perfect venue to experience the 40,000 square feet of the unique salt artworks created by Bettina Werner, SALT RISES ABOVE THE SKY." Eiman Aziz, Curator  
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“The sacredness and dignity of Salt! This mineral has the power like the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. So universal, so necessary to life, it is the fifth element…” Jean De Marcounille Paris, 1584